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Mission Air Conditioning installs and repairs ductless Mitsubishi mini split a/c systems in Houston, TX.  Mission Air Conditioning is local and family owned.  We offer Mitsubishi's full line up of High Efficiency Single and Multi-Zone HVAC systems.

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Uses for Mini Splits in Houston TX

Mini Split Install Houston

Mini Split Install Houston

Houston Mini Split

Houston Mini Split

Features: Mitsubishi Mini Split Technology

Mitsubishi Mini Splits are the #1 selling brand in the united states.  (daikin is the number one HVAC manufacturer in the world).  Now this is not without reason.  They provide some of the best available HVAC technology into their ductless Options.

Filtration - The filtration systems are 100% washable and last up to 10 years.  They also provide deodorizing and anti-allergen filtration.

Inverter Compressor - Pin Pointed load matching is on the rise in the United states for both mini Splits and Central air.  Inverter technology allows systems to operate to the exact needs of their environment instead of going from 0 to 100% with no in between.  This allows for higher efficiency and reduced humidity leading to greater comfort.

i-See Sensor - Mitsubishi Mini Splits have an eye.  This sensor scans the room searching for hot spots during the summer and will send air to where the room is hot in order to remove more heat and create even room temperatures.

Thermostats - Mitsubishi offers both traditional wall mounted thermostats as well as remote controlled thermostats.


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