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Gas vs Electric [Heater Replacement Made Easy]

If your furnace just isn’t cutting it anymore, you’re probably in the market for a new heating system. Many homeowners may not know what the difference is between all the heater options. That’s why it’s best to get some of the fundamentals down before shopping and investing in a heater that will serve your home for over a decade!

Mission AC & Plumbing has helped many people in the Houston community successfully install an energy-efficient heater. If you need a Houston heater replacement, first determine what kind of furnace you need.

What’s The Difference Between Gas and Electric Heaters?

It may seem obvious to some people, but the main difference between these two types of heating systems is the fuel source they use to heat your air. Gas furnaces use natural gas, while electric heaters use electricity. The heating process is actually pretty similar otherwise!

Inside a gas furnace, there is a combustion chamber. Natural gas is introduced to the chamber where a controlled spark is used to ignite the gas. This combustion process creates heat, which warms the metal tubes next to the combustion chamber — these tubes are called the heat exchanger. When air flows over the heat exchanger, it warms up. That’s how your home is warmed!

In an electric heater, there’s no fuel used to combust. Electricity flows into a series of metal coils. Since electricity produces heat, the coils warm up. The air flows over the coils, warming up. Then, it can be directed back to your home!

What Is The Best Type Of Heater?

The most important factor when finding the heater that works for your home is the availability of gas or electricity. Not all homes are set up to provide gas to any appliance, which might make your decision for you. If your home can support either gas or electric appliances, then you can consider the following factors.


In the end, any heater has the capacity to heat your home — as long as it’s the right size. What really matters is how much energy your heater uses to complete the job. An energy-efficient heater can make a huge difference throughout the course of its life. High-efficiency gas heaters (those that are 90% efficient or higher) are the best efficiency you can get because of the combustion process. There will always be some waste when combustion is involved. 

Electric heaters don’t use combustion. Therefore they are considered 100% efficient. No energy is lost during the heating process. Neither of these efficiency ratings accounts for air leaks or other inefficiencies throughout the heating system.


While the efficiency may have you thinking that electric heaters are the best, there’s also the expense to think of. Electric heaters are almost always more expensive than gas heaters upfront. This means you’ll need to decide what your budget looks like and if the long-term efficiency is more important to you.

Your Heater Replacement Services

If you’re still curious about which kind of heater you should invest in, Mission AC & Plumbing is just a call away! We are happy to help you with every step of your heater installation journey. Give us a call for your heater services!

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