Mission iNstalls New Furnaces, heaters, and air handlers in Houston, TX.



A professionally and properly installed furnace, air handler, heat pump or heating system is key to having a long lasting heater with few breakdowns.  Installation Matters.

In Houston we don't think about our heating systems too much.  We certainly care about our AC though.  One aspect about heaters most Houstonians do not realize is that your furnace or air handler actually works Year Round.  Whether in summer or winter your furnace or air handler is the only machine that is moving air through the AC system.  This means that your heating system is integral to the performance and efficiency of your homes heating AND cooling.   Better furnaces and air handlers have the ability to make your home more comfortable and more efficient year round.  

See Past Work

We strive to be transparent with our customers.  Explore pictures and videos of work we have performed for real customers in Houston, TX.

Going with Mission for New Heating Systems Ensures:

  • Comprehensive Estimates
    • Mission provides Free in home evaluations and system quotes for new AC equipment.
    • Our estimate process includes a home evaluation, airflow evaluation, equipment documentation,  home measurement, and demonstration of new product benefits.  We aim to teach you about the options that are available.  We aim to educate our customers to help them make the most informed decision possible when purchasing a new home comfort system.
  • Best-In-Class AC Expertise
    • Mission's Comfort Advisors are highly trained and up to date on installation standards, airflow evaluation and system design.
    • Since many of our new installations come with 12 years in labor warranty we design our systems to last as long as possible. Less repairs and better operation helps 
  • Shop for Heater Systems Online

    • Not ready for an in home evaluation.  Feel free to explore our online store for information and pricing on hvac equipment.  

Mission HEater Installation Guarantees

installation guarantees and warranties

1 year No-Risk Guarantee

Within the first year, if you are not 100% satisfied with new equipment we have installed we will adjust the system at no additional cost. If after adjustments, the equipment is not operating to manufacturer's Standard we will remove it and refund your money 100%.

1 year Lowest Price Guarantee

We believe our customers deserve high quality air conditioning and heating systems at the best price. At Mission we are so confident that you won't find a comparable heating and air conditioning system installation for less that we'll award you $50 on top of matching a competitors price. All we ask is that the comparison be a true comparative match. 

Installation & Workmanship Guarantee

Our HVAC installation technicians are the best in skill, attitude and workmanship. They will not smoke or swear at your home. They've been drug tested, They wear floor savers and clean up when they're finished. Your satisfaction with your heating and air conditioning system is their personal responsibility. If you're not satisfied with their performance, notify us prior 

"No Lemons" Guarantee

The most expensive part of an HVAC system is the compressor.  Should the compressor in your new air conditioner fail during the first five years (some 6 and others qualify for 12 years) of ownership or the heat exchanger in your furnace fail during the first ten years of operation, we will remove the "lemon" (not just the part) and install a new one (condenser or furnace)

Five Year Comfort Guarantee

We guarantee the performance of our HVAC systems to ensure your total indoor comfort. The AC system will provide at the thermostat 75F indoor temperature on a 98F summer day minimum. The heating system will provide at the thermostat 72F indoor temperature on a 34F winter day. If our HVAC system fails to meet these standards, we will make whatever modifications are necessary, up to installing a new system if necessary.

Common Furnace Buying Questions:

What if I have a foam attic (icynene roof)?

Foam or icynene roofs are extremely effective materials for keeping heat out of the home.  They are typically so effective that they can prevent air from infiltrating the home.  This is all fine and good however furnaces require combustion air to heat.  80% AFUE furnaces do not come with the ability to bring in combustion air on their own.  Most 90%+ condensing furnaces do have this ability and would be a requirement for having a foamed home.  If your home is being converted to icynene be sure to upgrade the furnace to keep your home warm in the winter.

Can I install a high efficiency furnace on a single stage Air Conditioner?

In many situations, Yes.  However, not in all.  It is possible to install a high efficiency variable speed or modulating furnace on a single stage air conditioning system so that when the ac is upgraded the overall efficiency can be improved and set to be fully variable and communicating system.  It would be our recommendation to have this updated all at once BUT you can plan for increasing your future efficiency down the road.

Which Gas Furnaces are the most energy efficient?

All modern Furnaces are more efficient than older ones.  Gas Furnace efficiency is measured in Percent AFUE.  The current minimum in our region is 80%.  This means for every 1 dollar purchased in gas utility 80% is converted directly to heat.  There are systems available with efficiencies up to 97%.  

How long can I expect my new Furnace system to last?

We have seen furnaces last more than 20 years (sometimes more) if they're properly maintained, but average heaters are expected to develop problems after 10-15 years. Mission carries units with warranties lasting up to 12 years in parts and labor.


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