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We stand behind our Ductless Mini Split Products

Mission Air Conditioning installs ductless mini split a/c systems in Dallas, TX.  Mission Air Conditioning is a family owned company with extensive mini split experience.  Installation services can be performed on all major brands including

FujitsuMitsubishi, Fujiaire, LG, Trane, Daikin, Quietside, Friedrich and more

3 Reasons why to install a ductless mini split on your Dallas home.

1. Efficiency - Ductless Mini Split systems have cooling efficiencies exceeding 28 SEER. 

2. Size - Mini Split systems come in many styles all with the ability to cool locations without the large equipment.  Ideal for apartments and older homes where traditional central air is impractical.

3. Location - Spot cooling allows for greater comfort AND lower utility bills.  No need to heat or cool down your entire house when all you only need one or two rooms comfortable.

5 Perfect Locations for a Ductless Mini Split - garage gym, back house, new home addition, Sun Room

When it comes to installing a mini split system there is always an underlaying desire or need.  "My bedroom is too hot."  "I'd like to save more money on my electric bill." I'd like to keep working during the summer on my classic car.  Just to name a few.  The underlaying desire is typically to be more comfortable in your own home.  Thus the typical locations where people desire to have mini splits installed are as follows.

1. Garage - Keeping working out in your garage gym or keep working on your cars regardless of the season.  Don't let the heat keep you from doing what you love.  Having a mini split air conditioner can keep you working longer both in the summer and the winter.  Garage gyms are on the rise - we've seen more crop up in recent years with the upswing in crossfit.

2. Backhouse - Over the garage or an independent structure or back office.  The minisplit cools room air more quickly than central air.  High performance with Lower operating cost.

3. Additions - Build an addition to your home without overspending on central air.  Minisplits are cheaper to install and are more energy efficient than most central air conditioning systems.

4. Sun Rooms - Sun Rooms and glass windows are synonymous.  Often times increased glass also increases the heat load of a room.  Keeping it cool can be more difficult.  Not with a mini split air conditioner. Your sun room will become far more enjoyable when the temperature is just right all the time.  

5. Spot Cooling - Got hot (or cold) spots?  Perhaps in a bedroom or kitchen?  This can be remedied by applying a high efficiency minisplit.  Sometimes Central air cannot cool each room of the whole house without spending serious cash on zoning.  Zoning can be very expensive and is often times much more delicate than applying spot cooling or heating with a mini split.  


Most people's knee jerk reaction to mini splits can be "Not for me! those are ugly.  I don't want that on my wall."  Few people realize that the wall mount air handler is only one of many options for your indoor cooling element.  There are multiple ways to make your zone mini split system blend to your home just like central air while having the great benefits of zone cooling and reduced electrical usage. 

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