Daikin Fit Review 

Mission Air Conditioning installs and repairs all major brands of systems. We are daikin comfort pros so we did purchase a large quantity of these systems but believe full well in their capabilities and value to our customers. Mission Air Conditioning is local and family owned company in Houston TX.  

4 Reasons to install a Daikin Fit at your home.

1. Efficiency - Daikin Fit utilizes an inverter compressor. This allows the system to run in multiple speeds. Most hvac systems available have one speed. As you know outdoor temperatures change every hour of the day. Homes are effected by the amount of heat that they absorb. This means that demand for cooling changes constantly. An inverter compressor will meet most load demands exactly.


2. Size - The daikin fit was designed to conserve space. hence the name. There are many homes that have very small areas where most conventional systems do NOT fit well. The daikin fit can increase your avalable yard space by up to 40%.


3. Cost - Inverter driven hvac systems can be expensive. The daikin fit is competitive with MOST 2 stage systems available. We fully expect the fit to take over

4. Warranty - 12 year parts is included with this product. Longer than any other major manufacturer.

5 BEST Locations for Daikin Fit


1. Side Yard - Regain your backyard by moving your ac condenser to the side yard. Even in a limited side yard like on a townhome this could allow you to regain your outdoor space for entertaining.

2. Zero Lot Line - Many times we have difficulty fitting new systems into homes OR we need extra equipment like cranes, lifts, or even have to remove door frames or fences to get new units installed. This eliminates the problem.

3. Small/Crowded outdoor unit location - We have avoided moving all units by going with this unit for its smaller platform.

4. Roof - In some cases we can completely avoid coordinating a crane to lift a unit onto a rooftop.

5. All Houston Houses - The daikin fit is incredibly appealing even for homes that don’t require small spaces. This is because the fit is packed with other features like the inverter compressor which gives reduced utility bills and increase comfort. Further the unit is quieter and comes with 12 year labor warranty.

Mission Air Conditioning Mini Split Installers is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 216 reviews

5/5 Stars

in on May 14th, 2014

“The guys at Mission A/C are professional and easy to talk to! We are new homeowners and discovered we needed a whole new HVAC system, just in time for Houston summer. We compared estimates from a few reputable vendors and Mission A/C offered competitive pricing and was the only company to offer four-year, 0% financing. you.”

5/5 Stars

in on March 18th, 2014

“Mission AC did a fantastic job replacing all the duct work in my house. They were clean, efficient and extremely professional. David Lewis was great to work with. The general contractor who was in charge of the remodel was extremely impressed with Mission AC's work. ”

Mission Air Conditioning 4.9 out of 5, based 216 user reviews.