A/C advertisement in the Grocery Store

Mission Air Conditioning Ad in Heights Kroger 

Starting in May you'll see our new advertisement in 537 grocery carts in the heights 77008 Kroger.  You might be asking yourself, "why on earth would you do that?"

HTC 0312 Mission Air DIR (5).jpg


Brand awareness.  I am not 100% certain of the ROI on this kind of investment.  The cost is around $6,500 for a year.  I know it sounds pricey and it is.  However, the investment was made so that we could build some general awareness for our Air Conditioning company in a highly specific geographic area.  As well, it will provide repeat impressions from people who see the ad over and over again every week by the nature of grocery shopping.  They may not buy our air conditioning services today(they may not need now) but if we can gain awareness and be the first company in the customer's mind these cart ads will be a powerful tool.  As always, time will Tell.


Why did I go with this imaging? I included a picture of myself and a quote not for my own vanity but because I assume several things

  1. I am targeting consumers in a specific geography who own a home.  People like myself.  People tend to buy from those they like and identify with.  By having a picture of a young person this is far more relatable than just a picture of ac systems or generic stock photos of happy families which tends to be the norm for our industry.
  2. Increasingly so, consumers are buying local.  This gives a local feel without hammering it too hard and is more professional than the average industry advertising by local companies.

The picture of the air conditioning condenser was included to show what we work on AND because the manufacturer Ruud pays for a portion of the advertisement.  They want their brand promoted as well.  For doing this they thankfully help reduce my total cost to promote.

I'll keep you updated on the results of this advertisement over the next year.  I'll be tracking the number of consumers that I gain from this ad in our CRM.

Any Suggestions?

Mission Air Conditioning in the heights 77008

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