3 Important Steps after AC floods

(Update September 14, 2017)

flooded air conditioner

Hurricane Harvey's flooding has hit Houston and South Texas hard.  We are still learning about the total impact of the storm.  We have already visited and repaired many AC systems which have flooded across the city.  The devastation and scale is vast HOWEVER the strength of our city has demonstrated great hope and beauty.  Since much of the flood waters have receded we have been asked many questions about what to do with your AC after a flooding event.

  • Can I turn my AC on after a flood?  
  • What steps should I take after my air conditioner has flooded?
  • Is my ac ok to turn on while under water?
  • Do I need to replace my AC after it has flooded and was submerged in water?
  • Is my Air Conditioner still under manufacturer warranty?

In short.  AC systems should NEVER run or be turned ON while under water.  


Don't shoot messenger here as this is a particularly sensitive topic.  It can be fairly traumatic if a NEW AC unit is flooded and fails.  In short, manufacturers and contractors can warranty equipment operating in NORMAL CONDITIONS.  Flooding HOWEVER is not a normal condition.  Flooding is not something the manufacturer can predict or prevent and therefore they are not responsible to the damages caused by high waters.  Any claims for broken systems should be taken to insurance NOT warranty.

As an example, Ford is not to blame and therefore not responsible if your F-150 floods.  Ford would warranty any repairs needed due to normal driving conditions. 

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