The one thing never to forget about your A/C

Never Forget to change your filters or.....

Air conditioning and heating repairs CAN be prevented on some level.  Clean & well maintained systems will always perform better long run.  Proper maintenance should include professional cleaning and system check at least twice per year.  Beyond that, a HUGE part of maintaining your air conditioner is to regularly replace your filters.  Its SO simple.  find out what size you have and switch it out each month(for standard 1 inch filters).  If your have an extra dusty home climate or a lot of pets you should consider changing them more regularly. BUT most of us have a little problem.  We forget. Or we just think..... "oh, I'll do that tomorrow."

So what should we do? How do we be more diligent?  Some people stock up on filters keeping a bunch of extras in their home ready to swap out but this doesn't always work because we often times still forget.  Best solution I've found is using Amazon's Subscribe and Save.  Amazon can send you filters when you need them.  Swap the filter when the new one arrives.  Right away.  So simple.  

Regardless of your method, this is tremendously important for preventing ac failure.  Ignoring your air conditioning might not have consequences today but it will deteriorate more quickly and have a higher likelihood of breaking down.

David LewisComment