Secret to saving thousands on your home......

Air Conditioning Systems are the most expensive appliance in your home..... 

And most people don't realize they are unintentionally ruining their Air Conditioner.....

Air Conditioners are designed to move heat.  Very simply, an AC is made to move heat and humidity(moisture) from inside to outside.  To effectively perform heat removal an Air Conditioner is maximizes surface area with very thin fins and coils which refrigerant travels by and through.  These fins are designed to maximize airflow and surface area.  More surface = better efficiency.  

The Problem?  Dirt.... Debris....... 

air conditioner needing maintenance

air conditioner needing maintenance

During operation air is constantly passing through these AC coils (both condensing outside and evaporator inside).  What most people do not realize is that air is actually very dirty.  It carries debris, fibers, lint, mold spores, bacteria etc etc.  Over time air conditioning coils will collect that dirt within the air.  As more dirt collects this makes air move more slowly AND creates a coating that begins to act like an insulator.  This would be like going on a run in a wool sweater.... Its going to be very hard to cool down. (the above picture shows very common buildup on an air conditioning coil).


Maintenance and Regular Filter changes.

Air Conditioners are machines that endure significant abuse..... to a point.  Over time continual neglect results in increasing energy bills, greater chance of failure, less comfort, longer run time and shortened lifespan which will cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. 

What does Proper Maintenance Look Like?

Simple, Two annual maintenance cleanings and regular filter changes.  

Most filters must be changed monthly (although most are changed maybe once a year).  Further, your air conditioner should be cleaned and inspected before summer and heating should be checked (including for safety) prior to winter.

mission air conditioning trucks

mission air conditioning trucks

Why does an AC filter matter?  

Watch the video.  Filters are designed to protect your air conditioning coil from becoming too greatly covered in dirt.  

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