Ceiling Cassette Mini Split Ductless Houston

Ductless Ceiling Cassette Installer Houston

Ductless Mini splits get a bad wrap.  Till now.  Currently they are more versatile than they have ever been.  Ductless minis can be installed with or without the "ugly" wall mount models.  There are even ducted(what?...yes) mini splits as well as models that fit ~flush to the ceiling.  We call these models "cassettes".  

Where Can Ductless Cassettes be installed?

For one they can be installed almost anywhere.....within a new construction setting.  Still concern must be taken for room load, placement, airflow distribution, BTU output, condensation, refrigerant lines etc. All and more should be kept in mind during the design and installation process for quality and performance.  

As for existing homes.... they can be installed however they are best and more viable on rooms with attic or crawl space above them.  Meaning, they go better on second floor ceilings or in single story ranch style houses.  

Perfect A/C system for Ranch Style Homes....

Why is this the perfect system for ranch style homes?  Room-by-room temperature control, SUPER high efficiency with discrete design features.... say no more.  They are a dream to live with and you'll be impressed with the impact on your electric bill.

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