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Houston Dynamo Soccer Stadium uses Ductless Mini Splits

I had the opportunity to snag some tickets to the Houston Dynamo game a few weeks back.  After the game I had a chance to admire the Air conditioning system used in their restrooms.  What do you know...... I found Mini-splits in use.  Overall the dynamo stadium utilizes an assortment of systems to condition the air.  These were likely engineered to match the need and look of the space utilized.  In this case they have restrooms underneath the bleachers.  Thus having some spacial restrictions.  These specific systems are Mitsubishi mini splits utilizing the cassette design. 

As you can see the cassette mini split design above is very minimal.  

I'm willing to bet that a hundred thousand people have gone through these halls and few have noticed the HVAC (then of course most people don't care). Still I think that is meaningful information.  All to say, these mini splits are discrete in design.  Many people have a knee jerk concern for the look of a mini split without considering that a mini can be very sleek and almost "invisible". 

dynamo air conditioning system

dynamo air conditioning system

Myself and a few buddies enjoying the game from behind the goal.  They couldn't care less about the A/C.

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