Best A/C option for Small Business Server Rooms

Perfect A/C system for Small Business Server Rooms

Small business server rooms still need the same kind of temperature controlled environment that big time data rooms need.  The problem is that most small businesses have their servers put into a closet or small room whose temperature controlled environment is operating on the same HVAC system that the rest of the office or building operates on.  This more often than not creates a server room that is way too hot.  So what do you do?  How do you tone down the temperature in that small space without overspending on zoning or utilities?  Best thing for your server room?  A ductless mini split system. 

Best A/C Systems for small business server rooms.

Best A/C Systems for small business server rooms.

Ductless mini splits can be installed at a relatively low expense and are WAY more efficient than most central air systems.  The size of most small business server rooms would not even warrant central air and most cheap rolling units or window units do not provide enough performance and efficiency for the room.

What is the Cost of installing a Mini Split A/C System on a server room?

Pricing will depend on the following variables.

  • Brand (some brands like mitsubishi tend to be a little more expensive)
  • Size (of space and therefore unit capacity)
  • Efficiency (13-28 SEER)
  • Application (length of copper to outdoor unit, necessary codes, electrical etc)

Generally speaking the cost of installing the most basic mini split system by a licensed contractor will be from $3,000 - $4,000.

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