How Much Does Ductless Air Conditioning Cost to Install?

How Much should I expect to pay to have a Ductless Mini Split AC Installed?

How much for a new Mini Split A/C Installed

How much for a new Mini Split A/C Installed

Ductless Mini Splits are amazing systems.  By comparison they break down far less than Central Air Conditioning.  Additionally, dollar for dollar they are far more efficient to run than central air.

Prospective buyers of ductless mini split systems are typically well educated when it comes to knowing what they want.  This goes for product look, effiiciency, location etc.  Often times the consumer will even know the cost for the equipment.  So when it comes to providing our prices to provide and install a systems we often times get a puzzled look from consumers.  They something along the lines of, "I see that the equipment online is $1,200 so why do you need to charge me $3,800?"  This is a great question.  The following information will provide

A) Greater understanding for what is involved in pricing for a standard mini split installation

B) Estimated Pricing for a basic installation of a 16 SEER ductless mini split  

To help educate consumers I'd like to provide some basic information for what is included and typically required for quality installation of a ductless mini split.  WARNING: Be sure that you are being provided a quality installation.  There are plenty of "moonlighting" installers of mini-splits who may not have the proper tools, training, equipment, insurance, or parts to provide a quality outcome.  Yes, they are often times cheaper but this can come with serious downsides.  

Included in Most Quality Ductless Mini Split Installations 

  • Condenser (outdoor unit)
  • Air Handler (indoor unit)
  • copper line sets - for refrigerant (needs to meet manuf. sizing specs)
  • low voltage electrical wiring - 14/4 is typical
  • electrical disconnect box & 1/2" whip - (code requirement)
  • PVC Drain line or flexible drain connection - removes condensation
  • Condensation Pump - (Required depending on application)
  • Wall Bracket or slab for condenser mounting
  • Condensation Sensor - (many companies do not install this - it is a code regulation and protects you from water overflowing into your home)
  • Refrigerant - (Pre Charge of ~25 ft)
  • City Permit and inspection (depending on municipality)
  • Miscellaneous small parts
  • Installation of new dedicated circuit breaker and conduit - Paid to licensed electrician - (Additional permit required here as well)
  • Installation Crew Labor

Beyond these basic costs of goods sold this does not account for a company's overhead expense, licensing, training, tools, gas, labor warranty, insurance etc.  With all the units we install we provide a 1 year labor warranty (not everyone does this).  My company also carries higher average general liability insurance policy since we generally operate in very nice homes.  We don't believe that our customers should be subject to any additional risk. Those are just a few costs that should be considered and accounted for.

Mini Split Diagram

Mini Split Diagram

Average Cost for Installing a basic Single Zone Mini Split

There are a lot of different options and applications available which can have a significant effect on pricing to consumers.  Still the following is a fairly basic system that is commonly installed in Houston TX.  This can be a great option for garages, sunrooms, and back house apartments.


  • LG
  • ~16 SEER
  • Wall Mount Air Handler
  • Basic installation
  • Heat Pump - can both heat and cool the space
  • Inverter Compressor


  • 9,000 BTU - $3,832
  • 12,000 BTU - $3,975
  • 18,0000 BTU - $4,985
  • 24,0000 BTU - $5,125

Leave a comment or contact us if you have more questions etc.  We'd love to discuss.

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