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Houston HVAC NewsFlash - July 2014

CenterPoint Rebate Funding Depleted - July 2014

CenterPoint Energy has been graciously providing various incentives this year to help lower the up front cost to own a high efficiency HVAC systems(16 SEER or higher).  Well, as of this month the funds have been depleted for this calendar year.  Centerpoint only provides limited funding per year.  These local rebates likely won't renew until 2015. 

What does this mean for consumers?

For starters it largely depends on your plans for yourself and your home.  If you are certain you want to own a high efficiency HVAC system (16 SEER or higher) and your system still works you should consider waiting till next spring to see if the rebates renew.  If your system does NOT work well then you are in a tighter position.  It would have been nice had the system broken at the beginning of summer as opposed to the middle.  Then again no one I know thinks that a broken AC is "nice".  Its more like being in a car accident in front of the hospital.

Let us know if you have any questions etc. We'd be glad to help with any HVAC related questions.

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