Monthly Filter Reminder - June '14

Monthly Filter Reminder June '14

Temperatures are finally on the rise in much of the country which means that A/C systems are starting to kick on and at times Kick Out.  So far this year it seems 9 out of 10 homes are not properly filtering the air in their home which not only effects air quality but also effects the efficiency of your HVAC system.  Thus the wisdom of changing your standard AC filter every month is not ill informed but actually very wise.  Changing your filter every month will help your system last longer and run more efficiently.  

Why don't we all change our filters more regularly?  Its just one of those things in life that tends to be ignored.  Its largely out of sight and out of mind.  Until, of course, there is a big problem.  Part of the issue is education, part of it is life experience (those that have had to pay big utility bills or change equipment prematurely are more likely to put forth the effort) as well it is one of those things that provides fairly little gratification today despite the long term benefits.

Ways to prevent this issue?  Get a better filter.  Antimicrobial electrostatic filters are a great option because they are permanent and can be washed out each month with no replacement.  Further Media filters provide more filtration than your standard cheapo home depot filters and you can change them quarterly instead of month.  Lastly electronic air cleaners are the very best in filtration.  Trane's CleanEffects takes the prize in this department with the most effective clean air rate than any other whole home option.  Not only do you get better air but you also protect your investment.  I've also suggested time and again that people sign up for Amazon instant ordering.  where you have amazon send your filters to you on regular intervals.  Thus every time one shows up at your door change it out immediately.


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