Houston HVAC System 2014 Summer Sales event

One Week Only - Ruud 13 SEER Complete Gas System $6,300

A/C Promotion full page newspaper

A/C Promotion full page newspaper

This is $500 off our standard price for a complete 3 ton Gas Horizontal HVAC system (does not include ducts).  Its a phenomenal deal because it includes 0% financing for 48 months despite summer temperatures kicking in which makes most HVAC companies increase their prices to match the increased demand.


This is for Ruud 13AJN model condensing unit.  This is the Ruud/Weatherking baseline equipment and baseline efficiency.  13 SEER is actually being phased out within the next year.  Still as a total cost savings this is a product fit for someone on a low or fixed income all the while being provided a reliable brand of equipment.  

Ruud has a phenomenal reputation as quality equipment provider however this is their most basic "no bells and whistles" option.  Moving upward in equipment would allow for increased efficiency, comfort, and product warranties.


It is a very common industry rule for HVAC contractors to close guard their prices.  Therefore the practice of posting pricing publicly is frowned upon by most.  The fear is commoditization.  Contractors fear that the bottom feeders will ultimately win out.  Knocking off very good contractors from having the healthy margins they are used to.  A "race to the bottom" would occur and disrupt the marketplace.  

Why have I chosen to do this?  It is a test in market response.  I'm trying to see if average consumers in my specific target zip code will respond well to this kind of advertising?  Will this kind of advertising convert to sales?  I've seen this done by a few companies before with mixed results.  

Build Measure Learn is the call of lean businesses today.  So without testing I'll never know if this is a worthwhile task.  Time will tell.

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