Trane XV20i vs Carrier Infiniti 21

Review Trane XV20i compared to Carrier Infiniti 21


This article is meant to have a meaningful discussion for comparing the two "Top Shelf" residential HVAC systems provided by the Trane and Carrier Brands.  Before we dive in I must preface with the fact that my company is a Trane dealer NOT a carrier dealer.  We do not sell Carrier and therefore I AM NOT an unbiased third party.  Yes, I have my inclinations and my own predispositions.  This discussion to compare the XV20i and the Carrier Infiniti 21 is meant to bring to light the differences between the two so that consumers know more clearly the differences between them.  Hopefully the facts will mostly speak for themselves.  

At the end of the day I believe Carrier makes a great product.  I would gladly put one into my home.  Still our discussion here is NOT whether each are "good products" but to more fully understand which is the better product and how are they different.

 Carrier infinity 21 vs Trane XV20i

Carrier infinity 21 vs Trane XV20i

1. Efficiency

Both hit up to 21 SEER - Energy savings is fairly negligible on a one to one standpoint.

2. Technology

Trane's XV20i has and inverter which allows the compressor to modulate and run at specific speeds.  The XV20 can change its operating load by 1/10 of a percent.  Thus meeting exact load demand.  The Carrier Infinity technically has 3 speeds.  1) All on - 2) Low speed - 3) OFF.  The demand of your home changes through the year and even throughout the day.  The Trane XV20i has more pinpointed control and operates as needed.    

3. Aesthetic

Ok - so maybe you don't care about this so much.  Some do.  Lets be honest the look and feel of the XV20i and the ComfortLink ii is better.  Perhaps this is just marketing but I would much prefer the Trane thermostat over the Infinity Series.   Additionally the XV20i is the quieter of the two by 10 dB.  


OK YES, Both of these are very good products.  Don't get me wrong.  You could be very happy with the purchase of a carrier system HOWEVER in the basic details the XV20i is the superior product.  At the end of the day go it is more important that you choose a reliable contractor who will hold to his word and utilizes quality installation standards.  

* No we did not talk about pricing.  The pricing of each will depend on the contractor you choose but they should be very similar in total investment.  

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