How much does a Trane XV20i Cost?

How much should I expect to pay for installing a Trane XV20i?

So you're in the market to buy a new HVAC system.  You've decided that you really like trane's latest and greatest model.  The XV20i.  The inverter is appealing for its highly pinpointed comfort and low utility usage.  Check and Check.  Sold.  Now what does it cost?  How much will I have to pay to have one in my home?  I will try to give you a basic understanding of that but in most cases there will be some variability based on financing programs and warranty offerings that accompany your HVAC system purchase and additional upgrades or alterations. This is why most HVAC companies shy away from talking about price before they can get out to your home.  They want to build a relationship with you and show that they are not just a commodity.  They also want to sell you and close a deal.  

Seriously how much is an XV20 18-20 SEER Trane?

Below is a basic estimate for what people should expect to pay.  Take home fully installed price by tonnage will vary from 1k to 2k based on the elements listed above. These are rough figures but will give you a general sense of the pricing to own one.

XV20i - Horizontal Complete system w/ Gas Heat

5 ton - ~$16,500

4 ton - ~$15,750

3 ton - ~$15,275

2 ton - ~$13,977

There are also other elements to think about that a well educated HVAC contract can help you with.  Including the fact that you should NEVER buy a 3 ton XV20i because the XV18 gets the exact same efficiency for ~$1,000 less than the XV20.  Its almost crazy that Trane even sells it but hey the box still says XV20i.  

WARNING: Pricing online can only go so far, ultimately the answer you are looking for will come from your local contractor.  Call them and set up an appointment.  Often times we come to homes and there is much more to talk about and discuss than just the flatline price of replacing the HVAC equipment only.  Ductwork, Insulation, proper maintenance, comfort controls, and filtration etc. All can help improve your overall comfort and home efficiency. 

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