Best design for concealing Air Conditioners in Houston

Best covering for an A/C systems in Houston, TX

Best looking A/C Covering in Houston, TX

Best looking A/C Covering in Houston, TX


Air Conditioning Systems are a necessary evil.  Perhaps I'm being a bit too dramatic but at least consider the (potential) environmental impact as well as the fact that they are typically pretty darn ugly.  Discounting those two facts(environment and aesthetic) air conditioning is one of the greatest modern inventions.  Still we are left dealing with these ugly boxes and anyone in the least bit design oriented is instantly irritated by the task of making something ugly into something that fits well with a structure and keeps it function.  One particular work(pictured above) is on the new Whole Foods building just west of 610 and San Felipe.  

I applaud this design for two reasons.  1. Aesthetic and 2. Function.  When attempting to cover or conceal an HVAC system it is always important to consider heat transfer.  The purpose(at least in houston) of any condensing unit is to get rid of heat.  If a structure is build around an HVAC system to conceal it but lacks air circulation then the HVAC system will not operate as intended causing undue stress and strain on the system.  Here we have both form and function at play.  Consider these principles as well especially if you're considering a DIY project to cover up your HVAC systems.

If you know of an even better covered HVAC system let us know and we will check it out and maybe even write a post about it.

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