5 Most Exciting AC Products for Summer 2014

5 of the Best A/C Products available in 2014

1. Trane XV20i

 Trane XV20i

Trane XV20i

Watch out Lennox - Trane (and carrier) is on you heals.  Trane's latest iteration of the 20i features inverter technology allowing the compressor to run on a variable basis as demand is required.  Thus allowing for comfort control where indoor temperatures remain stable.  This also begins the departure from the 2 dual compressors featured in the XL models.  Though the new compressor appears the size of a WWI submarine.  

2. Mitsubishi H2i Heat Pump

 Mitsubishi H2i

Mitsubishi H2i

It is hard to convince anyone one way or another on whether minisplits are right for them.  Still the facts speak for themselves. Minisplits as a product type break far less than central air systems.  Additionally they allow for individual room air filtration, and greater overall efficiency.  The Mitsubishi's H2i reaches efficiencies up to 26 SEER.  Still thats not all.  The H2i contains an internal heat sensing "eyeball" that locates hot and cold spots and maintains balanced temperatures throughout a given area.  By the way, these puppies have been featuring inverter technology far longer than any ducted central air systems has.

3. Aros Smart Window Unit

Innovation often comes from the least likely of places.  This certainly reigns true for Aros.  This A/C system is one of a kind. Truly.  Will they sell many?  Time will tell.  Going for the high end in a low end market may not be the best choice but maybe they will catch on in northern or international markets where A/C is less affordable and prevalent.

4. Aero Seal

Leaking ducts are the #1 culprit for home reduced home efficiency.  Why does no one pay attention to it?  Well after all your home cools to the temperature you like, right?  Thats great but you are wasting your hard earned money cooling or heating your attic, basement or walls unnecessarily.  Energy gains from properly sealing a duct system can be as much as 30% or more.  The best solution I have seen to seal all those tiny little cracks and holes was featured at this years ACCA 2014.  

5. Solar Cool

 solar cool HVAC system componenants

solar cool HVAC system componenants

Yes it is always possible to get more "green".  There are several different ways to go with a solar HVAC system.  Some are linked to the refrigerant others are independent items that provide assisted load.  The greatest strength that solar has is that it kicks in best during peak loads and peak temperatures.  So when it is the hottest and you need your system dearly this is when you receive the most savings.  Additionally you are less dependent on the electrical grid.  It will probably help keep you from falling victim to a rolling black out.

There you have it.  I hope you have a comfortable and blessed summer in 2014.

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