3 ways to remember to change your HVAC Media Filters

Change those Long Term A/C filters:  3 ways to remember.

If you are anything like me you probably forget to change your HVAC system air filters on an exact interval.  I even work in the industry and I forget sometimes.  Here are 3 big tips to help you out so that you can be a super-home owner.


1. Set a Google or Mac calendar reminder 

Takes about a minute.  Set it to send you an email every three months on even intervals.  Is being awesome that simple? Yes. but setting the reminder is only half the battle.  You also need to have those filters ready.  I always buy 6 or 12 months worth of filters at a time.  Having them on hand already is a huge help.

2. Write down the Changed Date on the filter panel

This is less a reminder and more a guilt mechanism because often times we are only looking at the panel while replacing them.  Still guilt can be a powerful motivator.  


3. What do you do every three months?  Go to the dentist?  Get your hair cut?  

Every time you go to one of these appointment also change your A/C Filter at the same time.  Group those two activities together.  Check both off of your responsible adult list at the same time.  Perhaps thats silly..... but its only silly if it doesn't work, right?

We always recommend this type of air filtration system because it is long term and removes more particles from the air.  The picture above is of a Flander MERV 8 Media Filter.  You can get a 6 pack for around ~$61

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