Drain Pan for Air Conditioner replaced new in Houston, TX

Replacing an Air Conditioning Drain Pan in Houston, TX


Recently Mission was called out to do some upgrades on an older air conditioner.  We replaced the drain pan and drain lines to the HVAC system.  The old Drain pan as you can see was full of rust.  Rust is created by moisture.


As you can see here the pan is new but he evaporator coil(box above pan) is older.  Looks ok right?  see below.


This is a view from underneath the evaporator coil.  The new pan is directly underneath to remove any excess moisture from the air conditioning and drain it out of the home properly.  All air conditioners produce moisture - just look underneath your car after running the ac - you'll find moisture on the ground.  That water goes great on hot concrete NOT great in homes.  So we have to drain the water properly so you don't have a soggy house.

You can see that the bottom of the Evaporator coil is clearly rusted through - hence the excess rust in the old drain pan.  Only a matter of time before this coil begins to underperform or fail.  For now the Home owner would like to stay the course until a big failure occurs.  Then we will  replace and install a new HVAC system.

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