4 Best Home Air Filter Systems - Houston TX

You're Home's air may not be something that you think about too much.  Still, what you breath matters (ask the mask wearing urban dweller in Beijing).  This will sound a bit peculiar but, what you're HVAC system breaths matters as well.  Dirt and dust is the primary cause for failure in HVAC systems.  Thus, if your system is protected with proper filtration it will not be a prone to failure.  

1. Trane's Clean Effects - This baby is the bell of the ball. An electronic air cleaner.  It can knock out 99.98% of indoor air particles.  It can remove items up to 1/1000 the diameter of a human hair.  Super intense.  Further you never have to buy another filter.  The only maintenance required on one of these is the occasional clean.  With a vacuum, a swiffer and maybe a little water and you're done for another 6-12 months.

2. Media Filter - This is the next step down from an electronic air cleaner.  No moving parts.  nothing to break.  You do however have to replace the 4.5" filter every 3-6 months.  Performance is far from that of an electronic cleaner however  these remove significant air particles and requires less work than your standard 1" filter.

3. Electrostatic Air Filter - These puppies are pretty cool.  If you can't spring for a media filter or electronic air cleaner than this is a great way to go.  These filters are permanent and washable and remove more from the air than your standard junky 1'' filter.  

4. Standard 1" Filter - this is your minimal effort option.  We don't recommend them but not everyone cares about filtration.

If you want to take things a step further Hire a maid and get rid of the pets

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