HVAC Marketing and Technology hasn't changed much

Air Conditioning Marketing and Technology has not changed much since the 60s

A friend gave me this awesome Sear's Air Conditioner Owner's manual cerca 1960s (just guessing but feeling pretty good about that guess - unfortunately I couldn't find any dates listed).  In our industry there is constant talk about "new technology".  Who is on the cutting edge of creating comfort in homes.  Higher efficiencies, More comfort, better controls, new refrigerant types etc etc.  Lets take this opportunity to walk down memory lane.  You'll see that some things have change but largely the industry is the same.  Especially the marketing and strategy of manufacturers.  I will highlight some things that are different comparing today's trends in the HVAC industry to this vintage user's guide.

Current Air Conditioning Manufacturer information DIFFERENT VS SAME AS 60s?



Most air conditioner user manuals these days are not this user friendly.  Props to the marketers of yesteryear for trying to put something useful into consumer's hands. 



This is awesome - clearly there was someone sharp enough in marketing at Sears to recognize the everlasting battle of the thermostat wars between a husband and wife.  The woman pictured is clearly saying.... "See, I told you so"  This is probably in response to the message NOT to turn the system OFF when leaving for work or to go away because the system will have to work just as hard overall to bring the house back to a comfortable temperature.  The Convensional knowledge of the day seems to be a rule of 4.  That is to say that if you are gone from your home for 4 hours you can turn your system off then fire it up again when you return.  



Clock - Screen - On and Off.  OK, yes the Nest and Comfortlink II are pretty slick but they still have the same basic functions.  Tell the system to turn on and off and when.



Compressor - Fan - Coil - Evaporator basic basic.  Sure now we have different refrigerant but the basic structure and function is nearly identical to any modern system.



Same association. New logo. www.ARI.org



You have to wonder how many people actually WAXED their air conditioner.  But with Air Conditioning as more of a luxury and status symbol in those days maybe there was a higher percentage that actually got out the wax and gave their AC system a little TLC.    


Seriously, who looks like this when they are calling an air conditioning repair company?



Its your A/C not a Grill.  Oddly enough you can still buy Air Conditioner covers today FROM SEARS! Click Here I don't know anyone who does.  My recommendation would be to save your money to buy or build high fence nearby so you don't have to look at it year round regardless if it is running.  



Not exactly what I would say today but overall pretty good steps.  Click here for 5 current steps to fix your air conditioner if it is not working

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