December 2014 Newsletter

Ready for Christmas? (CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO ABOVE)

Fortunately the weather next week will be temperate with a few showers mixed in.   Yes, temps will be more tolerable but getting stuck with a problem on your home will always ruin the holiday.  While you're finalizing last minute shopping, decorating & wrapping be sure your HVAC system does not conk out.  Here are three important facts to remember.

  1. We are here for you EVEN on Christmas day - If you're experiencing any problems with your HVAC system please call us, even if it is christmas day.  We are here to help.
  2. Change your HVAC System Filters - This will prevent failure.  We have had a few customers in the past month forget to change their air filter which caused their a/c to fail. The primary cause for failure in hvac systems is dirt.  Changing filters makes for better air quality and your HVAC system won't break down as often.
  3. Professional Furnace Tune Up  - This is the most sure fire way to prevent issues over this winter.  Have your system professionally tuned up and inspected for better efficiency and lowered risk of repair. (CLICK HERE to see our Maintenance plans)

Questions?  Give us a ring or shoot over an email.

David LewisComment