Monthly Reminder: Change Your HVAC Filters

Monthly Reminder to Change your air conditioning system filters

Always remember to change your HVAC system filters EVERY month.  Your air conditioning and cooling system will thank you.  Your neighborhood air conditioning repair man(or woman) might NOT but he knows that if you do change the filters more regularly you will extend the lifetime of your air conditioning system and won't have to see him as often.  Invite them over for a beer sometime if you really miss him/her.


Think of it like this.  Could you eat Chick-fil-a or Mexican Food for 3 meals a day for the rest of your life? Sure could.  And I would enjoy it!! BUT you'd probably drop dead of a heart attack prematurely at age 40.  While I'm a big fan of living life to the fullest..... it is important to remember the quality and longevity of that life.  

Yes this all has to do with air conditioning.  All to say, Feed your air conditioner good air.  Better cleaner air makes for a cleaner home and longer lasting HVAC equipment and fewer air conditioning repair visits.

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