Vintage Air Conditioning Advertisement

Vintage Air Conditioning Ad from Fedders Corporation.

Sleep in an ice cube on hot nights?  Pretty strange but I suppose they get the point across.  Cool Air for low prices.  Fedders has stuck to that mantra for much of its 100+ year history.  Discount comfort products.  Later in it's history they teamed with Airwell and have since gone out of the residential HVAC business.  Plenty of lawsuits have ensued from their downturn.  This was caused by low quality manufacturing.  Epitomizing the "get what you pay for" mantra.  Fedders residential HVAC systems would still be around if they had focused more on quality.

A couple of items to point out at this Air Conditioning advertisement.  The audience is clearly female(still is).  The advertisement is exceedingly simple.  No calls to action, prices, or discussion of features and benefits other than good sleep.  The imagery is reminiscent of snow white.

 Fedders Corporation
 fedders vintage advertisement
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