3 Reasons to buy an Aquaguard float switch TODAY!

3 important reasons to buy an aquaguard float switch now!

 aquaguard float switch installed ceiling saver

aquaguard float switch installed ceiling saver

At this point the emergency float switch or as many call it a "ceiling saver" is a mechanical requirement.  Code requires that this little device be installed in the emergency drain pan of your HVAC system. WHY? To protect you.  If the emergency pan is utilized and begins filling up with water it SHOULD drain water properly but sometimes (more often then you'd think) the water does not properly drain well causing water to back up.  An aqua guard float switch will detect this issue and turn off the system before the pan overflows and floods your house.  

A major problem we see is that for some reason there are many homes that do NOT have float switches. Either systems that predate this code OR the installation company did not do a proper job of installing the system to the correct requirements.  This is often avoided within city limits leaving unincorporated areas as the most common areas of negligence.

Here are three reasons why you MUST buy an Aquaguard float switch if you don't already have them.

1. Prevent water damage: but hey it might bring the family together.

 flooded house family in living room watching tv

2. No loud fans or insurance deductibles

 water restoration fans

3. No unplanned skylights  

 water leaking through ceiling
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