New Vintage Air Conditioning Logo

Mission Air Conditioning Vintage Logo

On a whim we decided to try out another logo design that had a more vintage feel.  This is what we came up with(below).  We came across a designer through Fiverr who pulled this off in less than 3 hours for a whopping $15.  Pretty impressive. Just a fun way to change things up.  We will use it for some peripheral promotional materials and website locations.  Hey if the university of oregon can jazz up their uniforms I think we can do the same ( however i don't think you'll see any pink vehicles on the road just yet).

We are ALSO trying out two new slogans.

"A Refined Repair Corporation"


"Improve your Condition with Mission"

Tell us which one you prefer.  We will be using them a lot in future marketing materials.

Mission Air Conditioning Houston Vintage Logo

As always get your.... 

AC Repair for Houston, TX with Mission Air Conditioning.  

We can improve your condition.