2 A/C and Heater products for Geeks and Hipsters

Two amazing 2013 Home Comfort Appliances

For you consumer Geekeroids out there these products might blow your mind. (see what i did there?)

Dyson Hot + Cool and the Stadler Form Robert Air Washer

dyson hot and cool

I came across the Air Washer on the website werd for the werd air washer article is here. If you don't already frequent werd you need to.  

The first two videos(below) are about the Dyson Hot + Cool.  The technology and design of this product is far more fascinating to me. Increased airflow from fan due to shear(wow), no external blades(double wow), heated internal stone etc. 

stadler form robert air washer

Yes, these two products have vastly different benefits and goals.  The Dyson is a heating and cooling appliance while the Air Washer is an air purifier that happens to provide a 'cooling' element.  For our Houston Customers the Dyson would be more applicable since we have enough humidity in Houston already.  If you are in Houston and you'd still like to look at products that (in british accent) 'wash your air' I would consider investigating long term media or hepa filtration and if you are super OCD look into UV lights.

The Dyson is intended for much smaller spaces.  For those unlucky few who may live in apartment without central air or heat (probably a few of you living in older houses in Montrose) this may work perfectly.  The design is even hipster friendly.


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