How loud will a Trane 16 SEER AC be?

What is the best place for my ac unit? 

Aesthetics, and noise level are not normally considered when a new air conditioning unit is purchased.  Most people are in laying in a pool of sweat willing to do anything just to get some cold air but lets take a breather and consider some of those unspoken concerns you may have.  

What is the ideal Location for my air conditioner? 

Many condensers (that ac box in the yard) are placed in areas of low convenience.  It's not hard to imagine that most home builders place these units to save as much cost as possible in copper and other essentials and therefore may not have focused on the optimal place for you the home owner.  

You don't have to accept the status quo... Consider these attributes in more detail.

Visibility - How often do I intend to entertain guests and use the backyard?  Will they see it?  Is it an eye sore?  Is there a way I can block or hide the unit in some way?

Fences, or bushes do well hiding these units.  Fences are more ideal for unit performance and protection than foliage. (see our previous post of an example of a new fence install)

Noise Volume  - What is the closest room?  A bedroom?  Have you or anyone in your family been bothered by the sound of the unit kicking on and off at night?  Do I like seeing the unit from indoor windows?

For an example of a AC units real noise volume watch the video below.   Air conditioning manufacturers have been trying to solve the issue of noise for some time.   Newer/more advanced systems have the ability to suppress the overall noise volume through sound jackets, dual compressors, smoother operation, and multi/variable speeds.  Watch the following video to see the difference between an older 10 SEER unit vs a more advanced trane heat pump condenser.   There is a big difference

 Warning - City code, and optimal performance must be considered any time you move and air conditioning unit.   Consult a professional AC technician for more details.

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