Best and Worst HVAC story of 2013

This story has come out in the past few days and could be the most interesting Air Conditioning and Heating story of the year.   

 Repairmen robbed old lady of $100,000 in south carolina

Repairmen robbed old lady of $100,000 in south carolina

In the small town of Gaffney, South Carolina two HVAC technicians were on a service call to an elderly woman who told them that her late husband had left a large amount of cash in the basement.  If they could find it, she would give them a reward.  It appears that the men "could not find the money" but promptly both quit their jobs with the HVAC company the very next day and went on a spending spree shortly after.  Purchases included an $1,800 Television, $1,800 riding lawn mower, and a $7,500 used car for one of the repairman's girlfriend.  All of these brash purchases were made in vintage $100 bills.

The exact amount of the theft is unknown, however, these men are now being charged with grand larceny and are facing up to 10 years in prison.  The men are being accused of stealing $100,000 from the basement.  We will find out more as this story continues to unfold.

It is easy to hear a story like this and not realize the implications and issues that it has.  I have great concern for the company who hired these men.  Did they have a criminal history? were they licensed?  

More largely a story like this is a great concern for the residential HVAC industry itself.  How are we to advance with this kind of tomfoolery going on?  I assure you, this is no fluke.  The industry's greatest weakness is the overall quality of its workforce.  How will we, the contractors, be respected and viewed as professionals when there are those in the industry bringing news of theft and dishonesty on none other than an elderly woman?  

To Consumers- protect yourselves to find the most reliable and highest rated contractors in your city it will surely reduce the chance of these issues.

AC and Furnace Techs - hold your heads high and don't let these foolish men discourage you.  Every contact you have with a customer is another opportunity to help reshape the perception of repairmen.  Make their day. 

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