Air Conditioning Service: Frozen AC unit

Mission Air Conditioning was called out to perform ac service a home just outside of Houston's Heights in Oak Forest.  HVAC System was a two year old Goodman and needing repair.  Aside from the system not operating fully, the customer's dog did a number on my leg when attempting to check the condenser.  OUCH!!  Bruising up nicely.

2 year old goodman furnace horizontal houston, tx

2 year old goodman furnace horizontal houston, tx


- Home not cooling fully

- Blowing air but low airflow

- Ice showing on the Suction line (Frozen AC) outside unit

- 2 year old 3.5 ton Goodman residential straight cool

- Low Refrigerant

- 3lbs low on 410A Puron


Frozen Suction Line on 2 year old goodman

Frozen Suction Line on 2 year old goodman

REPAIR NEXT STEPS: Typically a situation like this will either result in either a minor repair where refrigerant is leaking then the system will be charged correctly OR in a coil replacement under manufacturer warranty due to the age of the unit.  Many times the manufacturer will cover the cost of the part but not the cost of labor.  Though not cheap (free) customers in this situation at least are helped out by the manufacturer by receiving a free item.  Still frustrating for many but getting some relief via the air conditioning service repair is appreciated.

TEMPORARY RELIEF - If your AC goes out do a quick check to see if you can find ice or what looks like snow on the outdoor unit.  In a dire situation, if a customer is ailing and a repairman cannot get to you fast enough.  You should turn off the system and allow it to thaw out.  This can take up to ~2 hours.  Turning the system back on again will result in temporary cooling but is not recommended long term to run undercharged. 

If you are reading this and are a tech.  What would you recommend?