Do it yourself AC repair Houston: Money Saving Tips

Uh Oh!  Sometimes the unwanted happens.  Things feel a bit stuffy while your sleeping.... Then you realize your Air Conditioner just decided to quit and its 95 degrees outside.  Are you kidding?!?! AC Repair Houston is no laughing matter. Why couldn't this happen in october?  Discomfort sets in and its easy to lose your mind.  Take a deep breath and start with these simple steps.

1. BREAKERS - Go to the electrical panel and check the breakers. Perhaps one tripped.  

2. WATER - Go into the Attic and look at the metal pan under the unit.  The pan is there to collect water(from condensation) and send it out of the house.  From time to time the drain line will clog from things like insulation debris causing the unit to shut off.  This is a safety measure to keep the water from flooding your home.  If you or your spouse is handy you can clear the line and be on your way.   

As always we recommend calling a professional if you have more questions.


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