What is that smell when my furnace turns on?

What is that Smell in my Furnace when I first turn it on for the season?  

Furnaces firing up heating, smelling, saving, failing in Houston, TX as temperature drops after summer.

 Furnace Flue pipe with steam coming out in houston, tx

On days that are rainy and cold if you look up you'll see roofs across Houston pumping out what looks like smoke coming off the house.  Usually the by product of furnaces hard at work.  This 'smoke' emanates from the flue/vent pipe which is connected to your furnace and extends up and out of the house.  More goes into the design and installation of these than you might think.

The purpose of a vent pipe is to provide a highway to safely release carbon monoxide from your home.  Without the flue you could not count on the safe operation of your furnace.  You would need an immediate furnace repair Houston.  This is one of the primary reasons that a fall furnace inspection is encourage safe operation.  During the visit the flue will be inspected.

When the furnace turns on after a long summer it can sometimes produce a 'burning' smell.

This burning smell is usually the burn off of some excess dust built up in your furnace.  To reduce this be sure to change your filters regularly with solid quality filter.  If the smell persists shut down the system and have it inspected by an HVAC technician.

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