What happens when you don't get A/C Maintenance?

What happens when you leave a strange Window Unit Air Conditioner without maintenance during entire life time?

Air Conditioning and Heating is a fascinating subject.  Take spaces that were otherwise uninhabitable, like Houston, and remove the heat and humidity so that it is a livable, enjoyable place.  Houston without Air Conditioning would be pretty ridiculous.  The economic impact of HVAC must be pretty large for most southern cities (and countries). 

So this fascinating subject of air conditioning comes with its own set of strangities.  Today we look at a system I found in Bellaire this past week.  The Home has central air.... let me repeat myself the home has central air HOWEVER someone forgot to change the filters and thought.... hmmm I think the A/C just doesnt work all that well in this side of the house so they went and bought a window unit.  Now it doesnt just stop there.  They bought this window unit, shoved it in a whole that was probably from some original A/C from the 50s then added a duct running the 'cool' air into the bedroom through an awkward window(must have been an add-on room).  Have I lost you yet?  Hopefully the pictures will do it justice.

A few problems with this setup......

Scary air conditioner Fail strange setup window unit

1.  It is ugly.  This is inside of the house!!

I know exposed ducts are in but this is a bit cut rate.  Nothing says class like duct tape and cardboard holding your home together. On the plus side it could double as a place to hang your coats.

2. No removal of humidity from the living space

Air conditioning is actually intended to remove humidity and heat from a living space.  There is actually no such thing as cooling something..... its science.  In a case like this you are pouring cold air into a living space but not removing any moisture or heat from the air.  This can have some positive effect but not in any way ideal.

clogged and malfunctioned window unit ac

3. IT WAS NEVER CLEANED OR GIVEN MAINTENANCE! Can you tell by the gnarly dust and fur?

Seriously this is pretty gross.  Note the warning that failure to keep the cover on could result in injury or death.  

clogged window unit air conditioner warning label

Truth of the matter is that window units can be very efficient spot coolers.  Not in this case.  No Cleaning or changing of filters will cause eventual destruction like in this case.

Oh yeah, and they figured out that they should change the filter on the central air and with a few repairs got it up and running again.

Moral of the story?  Southern ingenuity is neat but make sure you call for professional help when it is needed or you're a bit over your head.  A pinch of prevention is better than a pound of cure, right?

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