Story: Easy HVAC Repair in Houston Heights

Story of an HVAC Repair performed in Houston Heights 

Mission Air Conditioning was called out to a customer's home in Houston's Heights this Fall 2013.  What we found was fairly simple.  During our initial conversation over the phone the customer stated that they had the following problem with their HVAC system.

HVAC PROBLEM: 'System not heating the home.  Not blowing warm air"

It is always wise when you call for an HVAC issue to be descriptive about the actual problem you are encountering.  Much like you would with your doctor.  Describing the symptoms.  After a few more questions they stated additionally that the system did not seem to be working during the cooling cycle as well.  This tipped us off to the first potential problem.  I recommended that they first check the breaker panel(always a good first step for homeowners when the Air Conditioning system is not working).  They then reported back that all breakers were ok and the system was still needed some sort of repair.  Thus leading to a likely problem with the furnace.  Yes your Furnace does work during the cooling cycle(air conditioning).  Without your furnace you cannot move air through the HVAC system.  Thus leading us to schedule a technician to inspect the HVAC system thoroughly in person.

Service Visit Details

The home is a townhouse with three stories and ONE air conditioning and heating system.  A 5 ton Lennox system.  The only way to comfortably have a single system on a townhouse is to have separated zones that operate independently from one another in terms of temperature. Otherwise the house would be three very different and probably uncomfortable temperatures.  Thus there were 3 separate zones on this town home.  One for each floor each with its own independent thermostat.

Lennox zone system in houston tx

During our inspection and investigation for why the HVAC system was not blowing warm or cool air we found that the issue was in fact sourced at the furnace. AHA! The inspection door was not fully attached.  You see, almost every system has a switch that is tripped any time the furnace door is opened.  If opened then the system shuts down and does not operate.  This is for safety purposes primarily.  Thus the fix for this system was to merely properly place the furnace door back into position.  The ultimate source of this displacement could be a number of things.  Vibration over time or the previous technician who worked on the system did not properly apply the furnace door leaving it compromised in the long term. Possibly both. 

5 ton Lennox furnace repaired in houston tx

In the end the service was very simple and therefore the charge for such a repair was modest as well.  

In the end the customer only had to pay $60 for the work.

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