Revealed: $19 Million Mega Mansion Utility Bill

Want to buy a Mega-Mansion?  First check how much the Utility Bill will cost. 

Last Month we did a utility bill review on a $16mm house on 405 Timberwilde in Memorial, TX.  The size was 16,414 square feet with the annual utility bill hitting an eye popping 17,000.  For that story Click Here.

This month I thought it would be fitting to try and top that.  So, say hello to 88 Grand Regency Circle (seriously even the street name sounds expensive) in the Woodlands.

88 regency circle woodlands texas

A whopping 30,717 sq ft with 10 bedrooms, 13 Full baths, 5 half baths, 3 elevators, walk in cooler, 6 car garage, pool, waterfall(of course), 3 story balcony, and a weird fifties diner themed kitchen.  The master bedroom alone is over 3,000 sq/ft.  But don't worry, I know what you are thinking.  How will I ever find furniture for this house? Luck for you the house comes with all the furnishings.  The price tag for this beast is $19 bagillion (actually million but bagillion is more fun to say, right?) dollars USD.   

88 Grand Regency Circle Satellite view

So lets just say you had $20 million sitting around to make the purchase.  Or maybe you go halves with a buddy and split it.  You could probably have 3 families living together and not even see one another for weeks.

So you spring the cash.  Thats not the last bill you'll pay.  Taxes, Repairs, Maintenance, Country Club Fees, Cleaning Crew, Utilities.  So lets just see how much one of those costs....  Utilities.......

Est Utility Bill Per Year on this 30,717 sq ft house:  $29,638

annual utility cost at 88 Grand Regency The Woodlands

During a peak month like august the utility bill (largely working to air condition 30k sq/ft ) reaches over $3,000.   This is above the average amount paid by Houston's for their utilities per year.

utlity cost graph to run 88 grand regency in woodlands 

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