Houston: Rain Rain Go Away

Houston Its Worth It Book

It is now my fifth year living in Houston and still the fall flash floods confuse me.  Chaotic, fierce, and brief.  Feels like Sheila Jackson Lee was put in charge of the weather in Houston (except for the brief part).  I suppose the brevity is a God's blessing from God.  Otherwise, If the rain did not back off we'd all drown.  Don't get me wrong I like driving my truck into puddles as much as the next person but those huge prius eating sinkholes show up after 30 minutes of rain.

In commemoration of the intense weather I though I would bring out a good HIWI quote. 

The rain. Large soak-you-to-the-bone rain drops. Fierce, beautiful lighting. It rains so hard, you can barely see. And it rains often enough to humble you, to show you what is really powerful in the world, and to remind you of what matters.”
— Houston It's Worth It

If you don't know what the HIWI book is.  Go on amazon and buy one.  Life will make a lot more sense.  The title itself seams to be the affirmation that all of us, especially those that did not grow up here have wondered....... "Is Houston worth it?".  To which, after a few years, and once you've begun to host "out of town friends" we are constantly attempting to justify ourselfs.  A bit of Napoleon complex? not really.  It's just that people sometimes have a hard time believing that we truly love this place.  Coolaid... consumed.  Now we  just pass it on.  Maybe some water from Galveston Bay would do the trick? blechk!

Houston Its worth it HIWI book cover
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