4 Best All-Time Air Conditioning Commercials

4 of the Best A/C Advertisements / Commercials All-time

Air Conditioning and Heating can be a sleepy industry.  As I've said in the past, sometimes it can be tough to demonstrate the benefits of an A/C product through TV or radio.  Often times it is difficult for customers to really grasp 'comfort' without truly feeling it.   Here are a few of the most creative Air Conditioning Commercial's I've seen.  Keep reading toward the end, we will discuss why these are exceptional ads.

1. Get a Room

2. Coolander 

3. Fannnnntastic

4. Outdoor living

What is so Effective about these A/C Commercials?

Lets discuss what sets these air conditioning commercials in the "BEST OF" category for this industry.  In sales and marketing we are often taught that buying decisions are built on emotion rather than rationality.  Fight it as much as you want but people more often than not make decisions based on a root instinct rather than their cognitive rational mind.  Though often times, even with myself, we make purchases thinking we are purchasing off of rationality when the reality is different.  This is why many times customers will not buy the cheapest option or take the lowest bid.  Often times 'cheapest' can come with a sense of insecurity.  An emotion many people stray from. So where does this leave us with these four A/C commercials?  

If the emotional vs rational is true these commercials do an exceptional job drawing on our hearts and emotions.  The mode for this in the first two commercials is through Humor.  The third video through art (this is high art) while the last one probably fits in the category of nostalgia(family) or novel(being outside).  All of these each speak of 'rational' tenants including efficiency, comfort, customer savings, relief but do not speak to anything highly specific except for the last which talks about how much you can save compared to your current unit.  However, I am willing to bet you can't tell me the exact amount of savings they stated without watching it again.  It was "up to 56%".  Instead you were more impacted by the imagery of the family and children laughing.  

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