Don't get scammed on your next Furnace or AC Repair, Houston.

 Furnace or AC Repair, Houston?  Prevent scammers, swindlers, dishonest, fraudulent technicians.

It may not always feel like it in Houston but we are headed in the 'heating season' for HVAC.  Some of our northern neighbors have been using heat since september.  Time for pumpkins, costumes, and increased volumes of high fructose corn syrup.  Personally, I'm looking forward to some Goode Company Pecan Pie.  As the seasons change you might be thinking that 'this year will be different' than last.  More quality time with family (or less), less feasting and parties, less holiday weight gain etc.  As the weather changes your furnace will begin working with that in mind...  

A few pieces of HVAC Advice for the 2013 furnace season:  

1. Have your furnace checked before you ever need a repair. This is good for efficiency and peace of mind.

In 2010, heating equipment was involved in an estimated 57,100 reported home structure fires, 490 civilian deaths, 1,530 civilian injuries, and $1.1 billion in direct property damage.

- National Fire Protection Association, Sept 2012

2. Install/check Carbon Monoxide detectors.  Furnaces eventually break and can leak carbon monoxide.  Ensure that you have them installed and that the batteries are good.   If you are interested in getting a high end CO/Smoke detector check out the Nest Protect. Here is our commentary on the Nest Protect. When you've installed your CO detectors, you'll be able to sleep much better.  

3. Change your filters - always

4. If during the season you need a furnace or air conditioning repair houston.  Remember to do the following.

a) Get a second opinion - if the price is extremely high or diagnosis was not explained well.

b) Hire a reputable contractor - View online reviews, testimonials, get a referral, see if they are accredited,  Are they members of ACCA etc?

Yes I know the following video is about AC repair scams but the principles learned still apply to furnace repair & installation bids.