HVAC Ad in Newspaper: Heights Leader

HVAC Advertisement: Mission Air Conditioning in The  Leader - Transparent Marketing

HVAC system Advertisement in Houston Heights Leader Newspaper

Placed this advertisement(below) in the Leader Newspaper which is specific to the Heights, Timbergrove, Oak Forest area.  Yes, we are in the off season for Air Conditioning and Houston is definitely not a furnace happy city so consumers aren't really chomping at the bit to buy HVAC.  The rational here was to 'dip our toes' into the water of local newspapers and begin developing awareness.  The benefit is that for a circulation of ~4,000 households per week you get a reasonable price point.  

We advertised here for a Fall Complete HVAC System special with 10% OFF with the offer Code "Leader". We went with color because most other HVAC companies went with black and white.  An attempt to "rise above the noise".  There were a few other HVAC companies that did the same.  Those that I remember were  Air Team LTD. and The A/C Man each have been around for a long time so there is likely some benefit.  Most long term players don't blindly invest a lot of advertising dollars.

Next round we will more likely attach a numeric value instead of a percent off because It is potentially more compelling.  $250 OFF or $500 OFF.  Change - Measure - Track - Compare.  Necessary steps when marketing.

I do not expect a big return (if any) on this first month.  I believe this will take time and consistency to develop a solid return.  Cost to Run a color advertisement of this size per month was roughly ~$500.  Hopefully, even just one customer will be looking for new HVAC systems this fall and come across our ad.  Time will tell.