Another Way to Hide your Air Conditioner

Yet, Another Great Example on how to Hide your AC and make your home look good.

The Topic of ensuring that your Air Conditioning unit blends well into the style and theme of your home seems to haunt me as we continue this conversation on yet another post.  In life I've noticed that I am far more aware of certain things when I am thinking about buying one.  Like when I was 'in the market' for a new truck.  It felt like I noticed every truck on the road.  Our mind tends to focus on the things we care about right now.  This must not be limited to buying things because oddly enough my mind seems to care about how to make air conditioners look good or least well hidden. 

We found this on a Houston home that was built in 1940.  A huge house nearly 6,500 sq feet.  Brick on all sides with a beautiful slate roof.  Probably one of the best (and biggest) Houston homes in it's era.   The home has since been converted to a doctor's office hence the external staircase. 

What is so interesting is NOT the staircase but what is behind it.  Under there is where the condensers(ac units) are stored. 

 fully concealed air conditioners hidden behind brick

This kind of set up has certain advantages and disadvantages.

On the plus side is that it is very inconspicuous.  People (especially thieves) might not think that there are even units inside.  Secondarily it blends to the look of the house incredibly well.   Additionally, The A/C units can avoid the elements.  Rain is often a culprit of causing Air Conditioners to work harder and break more easily.  Not the case with this design. Lastly, it is and area that can be locked from intrusion. 

On the Downside you must have the area well ventilated hence the brown vents and weird hoods on the units.  The greatest downside is that those hoods prevent service to the unit.  If the Condenser fan motor decides to quit then the hood must first be removed to allow access for replacement.

All in all, I like the ingenuity and look.   Not a design I would have expected but certainly respect.

 ac condenser units hidden with hood venting

ac condenser units hidden with hood venting