Warning: Broken A/C units cause insanity

Get Crazy when the Air Conditioner breaks?

It is arguable what the top 10 greatest inventions of the past several centuries are. Among them should be items like the rocket, personal computer, nuclear power, telephone, and indoor plumbing.  Air Conditioning should also be included in the top ranks.  Especially when you consider how devastating losing air conditioning on a 100 degree day.    

When an air conditioning system breaks, especially in Houston, TX people often times react very frantically and sometimes irrationally.  Air conditioning companies are experts at receiving distress calls from customers.  The duress from some people occasionally feels on the level of some sort of Post-Traumatic stress syndrome. 

In honor of those of us (including myself) that get a little grumpy when the air is stuffy here are two "motivational posters". 

Examples on what NOT to do when your A/C breaks

1. A/C Samurai

Murder my AC unit for not working angry


2. HVAC Boxing

air conditioning out?  stop fighting. Call mission

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