Fall is here = Love your Furnace

HVAC system Heater Tune Ups have begun in Houston.

The amazing Houston weather is finally here (hopefully for a while).  What this means is that furnaces and air handlers across the city will come out of hybernation and begin heating homes and businesses.  This long dormancy during the summer makes heater maintenance (ie. Tune Ups) all the more important.  To ensure that your furnace is running OPTIMALLY and SAFELY call a local HVAC contractor to do a thorough inspection and tune up.  

Value for a thorough HVAC inspection by a certified Technician: $189

Price for a Fall Heater Inspection before December 1st: $60 (for first 2 systems)

Includes: No Breakdown Guarantee (if unit breaks down during the current season your Tune Up fee will be refunded off of the repair price)

Included with Heater Tune-ups:

CHECK HVAC SYSTEM VITALS - Air flow and gas pressure in your furnace must be inspected and adjusted for proper temperature rise.   Properly temperature rise ensures optimal performance and maximum efficiency of your heating system.
CHECK VOLTAGE AND AMPERAGE ON MOTORS - Improper voltage and amperage can reduce the life of the furnace blower and inducer motor.

VERIFY BURNER OPERATION - The pilot light and burners must be clean and adjusted for proper ignition, flame pattern and color indicating complete combustion.

INSPECT HEAT EXCHANGER - To avoid the possibility of creating carbon monoxide in the home, the furnace heat exchanger must be inspected regularly for cracks and wear.

INSPECT FLUE - To assure proper draft and to prevent flue obstructions, it must be inspected regularly and cleaned as needed.

Here is a video from a local Mass. News station on Heater Maintenance.

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