7 Ways to hide your A/C Unit: Bizarre and Practical

Tired of Looking at your A/C Condenser?

There are plenty of ways to hide your ugly air conditioner (condenser) and allow it to blend into your home.  Below are 6 examples for how to hide your AC unit.  There are a range of materials, colors, and styles.  Some eccentric and others ultra practical.  When thinking about your first consider the following.

A. Material - Metal, Wood, Color, Plants etc

B. Cost - I think you get this one.

C. Location - would the unit go better in another area of the house? it can be moved if you want it to be. 

D. Let it Breath - Your unit needs to offload heat so be mindful that the unit needs sufficient airflow to operate optimally. 

E. Temporary vs Permanent - Some options are basically a divider to help cover the unit.   

F. Accessibility - Eventually this unit will break.  Technicians need access in order to diagnose and repair. 

 Beyond these parameters let your personal style come out here.  For us most of our customers they prefer NOT to draw attention to the Air Conditioner and therefore want it to blend into the surroundings.  Now for some sources of inspiration.

1. Call it Art - Hinged Metal frame allows both protection and breathing.  Maybe these goodman units are a little too visible....

 ways to hide air conditioner art

2. Wilson's Air Conditioner (home improvement)- Wood fence more movable and blends to color of the house.

 hide A/C unit fence

3. In the Dog House - Matches the house well flanked by bushes.

 hiding air conditioning unit covered to match house


4.  Temporary Teak - Material and look is good but if a strong wind comes this could topple.  Better to bring out for backyard parties .

 ac unit with fence around it

5. Art Deco Teak - Did somebody say Jenga?

 ways to hide air conditioner outside house

6. The Ultimate - Air Conditioner on bottom. Gardening tools up top.

 custom design multi use cover for air conditioning unit

7. Well...... well...... well..

 air conditioning fence looks like a well
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