Perfect Way to Hide A/C on your House

Looking for examples on how to best hide your ugly AC unit around your House?  Take a look at this stellar example.

This is the greatest example of properly concealing air conditioning systems I have ever seen.  

Perfectly hidden AC units behind stone fence

This is no ordinary house and these are no ordinary AC systems.  The house is ~8,000 square foot Spanish style ranch outside of Houston, TX.  Simply beautiful.  

Unichiller RC

The air conditioning system is not a traditional system.  It utilized Unico chiller system.  As opposed to a traditional straight cool system with condensers where refrigerant is pumped through the system and into the house.  This system chills water down to ~55 degrees then pumps the chilled water into the house.  Once in the house the water runs through a series of coils.  Air is then pushed through these coils removing heat from the air and cooling the house.  Quite the project.  Very few people in the world have this kind of system.  It is typically used in commercial settings.  

Stone Fence hiding air conditioning system
Fenced off air conditioning units

Imagine if these units were out in the open?  it would be a pretty big eye sore.   Ok, so you don't have chillers for you AC units on your Houston home.  Still there are commonalities on how to properly conceal these systems to have the most aesthetic look possible.  

Here are the full Principles for Hiding your AC unit

Brief Considerations for hiding your AC unit

Fence - Think, material, height, location and room for the units to breath

Covering - Height, material, accessibility of the unit and security. 

Protection for air conditioning chillers on Texas home

Air Conditioning Units(condensers) Left for the World to see are UGLY!!

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