Air Conditioner Ads have not changed in 50 years

Air conditioning industry advertisements are the same as they were 50 years ago.  

Can't AC industry advertiser come up with something better?  Something remotely creative?  The HVAC industry is ~100 years old.  The focus from its inception has been on providing comfort to people and companies.  Initially HVAC systems were sold as a productivity booster.  Factories with better controlled and comfortable air could gain more productivity out of workers.  Emerging on the tail end of the industrial revolution air conditioning expanded from an industrial factory focused toward a growing market of homes.  Air Conditioning, equated to a luxury even in the south where temperatures are "hot" for a greater portion of the year.  Since then we have moved from luxury to necessity where ~100% of new homes built in the united states include an HVAC system.

Industrial Revolution and air conditioning

Industrial Revolution and air conditioning

Despite the broadening of the HVAC industrial from industrial to residential the advertising of products has changed very little in the past half century.

Technology has changed quite a bit in the past 100 years but how these products are posed to customers has remained consistent.  Probably due to the fact that we engage controlled air systems nearly the same.

compare old advertising to new air conditioning advertising
Nest thermostat advertisement with hand

If it isn't broke, Don't fix it? 

Here we see the nest thermostat which is an emerging star in the HVAC industry.  With a look and feel similar to a vintage HVAC advertisement from the 50's. 


Old School Air Conditioning Advertisements
panasonic AC ad

If you do enough searching you'll continue to see consistency between Old and new.  The more I looked at this the more I realized that some advertisements were shockinly similar. Compare the panasonic mini split advert on the right to the crosley window unit(above left).  Both focus on attractive females with red/pink coloring.  The minor differences between these aside from their imagery is that Crosley talks comfort and Panasonic is emphasizing eco energy efficiency in the copy.

Below, are a few more air conditioning adverts with striking similarities.  Almost creepy actually.  Will we be comparing photos again 50 years from now and seeing the same imagery?  Time will tell.


Though I'll admit the very last picture was stock photo NOT from ac manufacturer's website.  It has been used in several ac repair company advertisements.


trane advertisement family
Vintage Air Conditioning Advertisement
vintage whirlpool ac advertisement sweaty business man and panic button   
sweaty guy with fan
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