Top 4 ideas to consider for Hiding your Air Conditioner

Is your AC unit an ugly eyesore? Looking for examples on how to properly hide the ac unit from view?  Looking to protect against air conditioning theft?

Trane XL19i air conditioner

Trane XL19i air conditioner

Your home is sacred.  Why allow for the aesthetics of your house to suffer by leaving your air conditioner out in the open for the world to see?  Further, if the unit is readily visible it may be more accessible to copper thieves.  We've covered this subject in the past but this time we will be talking about types of fences.  Considering what the best fence type is to block your air conditioner with.

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1. Location and Protection

should be the primary factors for concern with your outdoor AC unit (yes distance from the cooling or heating inside the house should also be considered).  Location not only determines aesthetic but also noise level.  New high efficiency air conditioners are not as loud as their predecessors however to some customers the noise level is still a nuisance. 

Lets say you have the location of your condenser perfectly picked and you want to hide the unit with some sort of fence.  Consider the following ideas.

2. Fence Material Types

In the following examples you can see both an iron fence and full brick fences used.  Brick fences will be the most expensive but will also block noise the most.  

3. Fence Height

Taller the better but don't block light into the house etc

4. Distance from condenser 

Every manufacturer has specs on the required clearance around their ac units.  This is important to allow the unit to breath.  IF the unit cannot breath then it will not operate properly.  Make sure that whatever you place around the unit is not too close.  This includes bushes and plants.  Bare in mind that your bush or plant may not restrict your air conditioner now but as it grows it make get too close effecting performance. 



Trane XL19i air conditioning condensers hidden on texas home

Trane XL19i air conditioning condensers hidden on texas home

XL19i trane condensers hidden on custom home

XL19i trane condensers hidden on custom home


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