AC Tune Up: Prevent damage on Home in Houston, TX

Houston air conditioning tune up prevents future damage on your house and save customer's money.

One of our customers is moving from Oak Forest to Spring Branch in Houston, TX.  We were asked to provide them with an air conditioning tune up to help prep the system for the next home owner.  

The home has 2 systems that are 3 years old both Trane XR14 (14 SEER) systems.  Despite their young age, neither system had the Code Required float switches or as we like to call them "ceiling savers".  We discuss our findings in the following video.

Air Conditioning Tune Ups are extremely important especially in Houston, TX.  In this case we were able to help prevent the customer from having preventable expenses from their HVAC system.  AC systems not protected by code required ceiling savers will potentially result in water overflowing the drain pan and filling your home with water caused by a clog in the drain line.

How does an ac float switch work to stop damage? The float switch has a sensor that is tripped when water fills up in the drain pan of your air conditioning system.  This sensor  turns off power to the air conditioning system thus stopping continual build up of water from condensation.  No power no more water.  

 float switch installed on houston home to prevent damage

float switch installed on houston home to prevent damage

Where is the drain pan for my Air Conditioner? HVAC system drain pans are typically found in attics or closets in homes across Houston, tx.  They are placed underneath the evaporator coil.  

 Why does my Air Conditioning system produce water?  Much like when you park your car on a hot day and see water dripping on the ground your air conditioning also creates condensation.  As air from your home flows through the cold coils in your evaporator this results in condensation.  The creation of condensation results in a more comfortable environment in Houston because your HVAC system is removing moisture from the house.  Less moisture = less humidity = More comfort.  

Water created from your ac system is natural but can also create problems. In the case of your car it's no problem to drain water onto the ground but with your HVAC system your evaporator (where the moisture is coming from) must be inside the house.  The moisture must then go somewhere.  The water cannot just stay in the house.  Therefore properly designed air conditionoing systems drain moisture from condensation through your sink and/or send water to the exterior of the house.  These drain lines can at times become clogged causing excess water to build up.

How do air conditioning drain lines get clogged?  Typically this is often created by loose debris, dirt, or attic insulation.   

Regularly scheduled tune ups can save you money and prevent unneeded home repairs due to missing float switches as well as keep your system running properly.

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